Can the stand be used for gunsmithing or to assemble or disassemble my firearms?

No! The stands were designed for display purpose only. Although the stand is strong and sturdy, we DO NOT recommend using it as a base for gunsmithing.

What type of material is used in making your stands and mounts?

The stands are made out of a PETG or polyethylene terephthalate glycole. PETG is strong, ridged, & durable, with a high resistance to heat!

What platform do you make stands and mounts for?

Currently we can make stands and mounts for the following platforms:



We are currently working on designs for the AK74 and MP5. Please check back in the future for these and many more.

How much do the stands and mounts cost?

Wall mounts can vary between $20 to $30 with stands running between $35 to $65 depending on size and detail. Please contact us for more info!

How long does it take to print a stand?

One of the few disadvantages of 3D printing is print time. Our rifle stands can take between 14 to 24 hrs depending on design and detail.

How do you get the different colors on your stands?

The main section of the stand is printed on one printer while the logo or personal design is printed on another. Once the logo and stand are done printing, the prints are cleaned up, then the logo is super glued to the stand and on some rare occasions hand painted.